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High Tech Pools has built for you an amazing pool using countless years of experience.

Welcome to a superior group of pool, spa and fountain owners.

High Tech Pools has built for you an amazing pool using countless years of experience. And you are now the proud owner of a pool designed for an exceptional visual experience while providing superior functionality that will stand the test of time. Our Craftsman elegantly sculpted this unique design taking pride in every step. Now let the Craftsmen that built your pool keep it as elegant and graceful as the day you first stepped foot in it.

By utilizing High Tech Pools’ in house Service Department, centuries of combined knowledge is brought with us every week to keep your pool, spa or fountain looking and feeling its best year after year. By using High Tech Pools’ Service Department, the transition from the construction of your custom design to a lifetime of enjoyment will be as smooth as possible.

Some of the services and products we offer are as follows.

Residential Services

Route Service – Our Service Department staff is here exclusively to help you maintain your High Tech Pools, Inc pool, spa or fountain. Our Service Trucks come to you fully stocked with a variety of water treatment chemicals, heater parts, and pump parts, driven by technicians with the highest standards in the industry. Our Service Technicians use only Taylor brand water testing kits to provide the most accurate chemistry readings and offer Palin Water Testing if the need for a more in-depth analysis arises. Spend your free time enjoying the water, contact our Service Department today for Route Service details and pricing information.

High Tech Pools uses poolife™ brand chemicals for most pool water treatments. These products come from the industry-leading Arch Chemicals and Lonza. Our trucks carry a full supply of Shock, Algaecide, Clarifiers and Stain Preventers to keep your pool clean and sparkling year after year.

Other specialty maintenance chemicals include Natural Chemistry and Jack’s Stain Magic. All chemicals have been tried in the field and found to be of the highest quality per specific application. Our technicians receive training on all our chemicals to ensure the right product is used for each specific need.

Safety Equipment and Chemistry Testing Supplies – Our Service Department can provide you with everything you need to keep your pool and spa safety, from inspections to repairs. Some of the items we offer are as follows.

  • VGB Compliant Outlet covers and Drains
  • SVRS (Vacuum Release) systems
  • Taylor™ Test Kits, Reagents, and Supplies
  • lin™ Test Kits and Supplies
  • Floating divider ropes and lane wave suppression
  • Handrail replacement and installation
  • Life Guard stands
  • Sheppard’s hooks and Life Rings
  • Spine boards and head restraints
  • Pool and Spa Safety Signage

High-Efficiency Pumps – Use less energy and move more water with the latest technology in high-efficiency pool pumps. These high-efficiency pumps can be set for a wide range of performance saving you money on your operating costs while providing you with sparkling clear water year after year. Available to fit most pools, spas, and fountain systems.

Chlorine Generation (salt water systems) – Handle and store less chlorine while providing clean, silky smooth water by installing a chlorine generator on your filtration system. Gaining in popularity, these systems don’t replace chlorine, but rather produce the specific amount your pool needs through electrolysis of dissolved salts. The result is a sparkling clean pool with less direct contact to chlorine tablets and shock. Please consult High Tech Pools Service Department if you have any questions regarding the installation and maintenance requirements of these popular sanitation systems.

Modular media filters – provide amazingly clear water without the need to backwash, saving you time and consuming less water. Provided as an option on our new filtration systems, this energy efficient option is available to all of our customers and will reward you with many years of low maintenance, trouble-free operation.

Chemical Automation – these systems can help control your sanitizer and/or pH levels for pools, spas, and fountains. We offer a variety of systems, stand-alone and control system integration, to help keep your pool or spa chemistry healthy between service intervals.

Ultra Violet Sanitation (UV) – Provide yourself and your patrons with a peace of mind by installing a UV System. UV sanitation systems eliminate chlorine-resistant microorganisms, which are common causes of pool water problems. Pools, spas, and fountains equipped with these systems consume fewer chemicals and allow sanitizers to be more effective. No matter what size pool, spa or fountain you have, High Tech Pools can install a UV system that meets your needs.

Automatic Pool Cleaners – For use between Service intervals, we offer a variety of automatic pool cleaners to keep the floor and walls of your pool free of debris. These electric, robotic cleaners can cover virtually any size, depth or shaped pool – zero entry too! Most automatic cleaners can be delivered, setup and demonstrated within days of ordering and come with up to a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Filtration Renovation and Upgrade

Looking to freshen up your equipment or switch to a higher efficiency design? Our Service Department offers an extensive selection of filtration system components as well as energy efficient options to lessen the burden on your operating costs. Most items available for both residential and commercial applications.

Commercial Services

Our Service Department can resolve all of your concerns regarding sanitation, repair, renovation and compliance concerns. Proven by our long history of award-winning Gunite and Mertha projects, our commercial pool, spa and waterpark construction expertise is second to none. Now let us bring that knowledge to you through our in-house Service Department.

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act – Please visit or call our Service Department for further information regarding compliance concerns or questions about these lifesaving, safety measures that every pool and spa needs to help ensure the safest environment for your patrons.

Keeping your bathers safe is your highest concern, and High Tech Pools can help you provide your patrons with this peace of mind while they enjoy your amazing facility. Please call us with any questions or to schedule a safety inspection, today.

We offer these services and products exclusively to customers that have purchased and installed a Gunite or Mertha Pool, Spa or Fountain through our Award Winning Construction Department.

Please email us for more information or to schedule a service visit or call 440-979-5070.

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